About Eagle Coats


EAGLE is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company established in 1974, besides having strong commitment of R&D and total quality management, “EAGLE” emphasize on product quality customer service & value additional to Meer customer satisfaction. We are the leaders of flooring oxides in the market for the last 39 years.

We have achieved constant growth of 30% year by year to improve the top line. We have introduced construction chemicals, adhesives, paints, along with oxides. We have in depth market penetration with 6000 paints, H/W dealers in Andhrapradesh and also covering with our executives in Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Odissa, Goa and North India.


Over the years, it witnessed sustained expansion, growth and transformation.

Eagle is its most popular brand of its Decorative coatings business while the Performance Coatings business provides solutions to many industries and sectors including Interior, Exterior, power, aviation, shipping & leisure craft, construction etc.

Its chemicals business in India sells more than 30 products. Every year we try and introduce new products in India to further strengthen our position as an innovative specialty coats & Paints company.